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A peaceful and natural place to spend an unforgettable stay in Marrakech


few km from Marrakech, on the Amizmiz road that leads to the lalla Takerkoust dam, a track passing through the Akrich douar, leads to a unique, almost imperceptible place, nestled in the hollow of a 7 hectare estate. Balanced, rigorous, proud of its silent outlook, the Palais Paysan, a dream of a change of scenery, stands in front of the atlas.

Two Belgian partners Philippe T. and Horst R., “happy” businessmen, together give life to the Palais Paysan, whose paradoxical name perfectly sums up the concept of the place.

Without being an architect but passionate about art and architecture, Philippe T. imagines, designs and builds an unclassifiable building, as contemporary in its lines as it is rustic in its aestheticism.
He uses traditional and rural techniques and local people to plant a palace that is perfectly integrated into the landscape, a place that surprises by its brutal frankness, which fascinates by the evidence of its presence.

A radical architecture, a part of the environment

It was first necessary to surround the space with traditional dry adobe earth walls, then dig a well to find water and plant a garden where there was nothing, just a hill overlooking an untamed valley and a breathtaking panorama.

With the participation of Ludovic petit – LUP31 – for a singular decoration, mixing here too absolute sobriety, noble and raw materials and bold colours, current creativity and tradition, a personal interpretation of peasant luxury.

Luxury and refinement without a doubt with a resolutely modern comfort as well as an attentive and present service at every moment but without ostentation leaving the beautiful part to the landscape, the space, the nature and the luxury of silence but also to the meeting of the other, to the welcome and the cordiality, a haven of peace.



The Palais Paysan settles in Akrich in an eco-responsible attitude.

It uses local labour for construction and regular maintenance. It primarily hires staff recruited from neighbouring villages, including gardeners, shepherds and chambermaids who are trained on the spot. The maître d’, qualified and experienced chefs are also called upon to pass on their know-how to their teams. In total, all of them now form a human capital of which the Palais Paysan is particularly proud.

The Palais Paysan has financed the construction of a school in the village of Akrich and continues to invest in it, in particular by contributing to the teacher’s salary and school transport costs.

The Palais Paysan is very committed to the environment. Thus adiabatic cooling (without gas but by evaporation of water) of the air has replaced air conditioning, solar panels supply hot water, watering tastes to taste saves natural resources, a 100% organic orchard and an aromatic garden allow the kitchen to consume a large part of its own production…

The philosophy of the project is as much to allow oneself a dream as to make it come true by taking into account the energy of a place and the strengths and powers of each person in order to integrate into a new country and imagine bringing it energies, skills and resources.